Why are Cat® filters better for you? Unveiling the superiority of Cat® Filters.

By Toromont Cat
November 20, 2023
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When it comes to the heart of your Cat machine, only Cat filters are crafted to meet the meticulous specifications of Caterpillar. This precision ensures that only Cat filters have the potential to elevate your company's bottom line.

Enhanced Protection for Critical Components

While other brands may fit, Cat filters stand out in safeguarding crucial elements such as the engine, drive train, hydraulic systems, and other components. The advanced design of Cat filters guarantees maximum filtration efficiency, leading to increased machine uptime and reduced owning and operating costs.


No Flexing: Spiral Roving Advantage

The innovative design of Cat filters incorporates spiral roving, eliminating pleat movement and preventing contaminants from infiltrating the clean side of the filter. Comparative testing reveals that filters with spiral roving exhibit 45% lower particle counts than their counterparts. In contrast, filters from other brands often flex as fluid passes through, releasing contaminants that can lead to wear.


No Bunching: Acrylic Beads Maintain Pleat Spacing

Cat filters employ acrylic beads that rigidly maintain pleat spacing, maximizing the filter's surface area. This feature captures and holds contaminants until the required change interval. Pleat bunching is a common issue in other brands, allowing contaminants to circulate, causing clogging and shortening filter life.


No Metal Contamination: Reinforced Nylon Center Tubes

Cat filters use fiberglass-reinforced nylon center tubes that eliminate metal contamination and are 30% stronger than metal tubes. This design helps prevent collapse during pressure spikes or cold starts. On the contrary, other brands often employ metal center tubes that may carry metal contaminants, leading to potential wear.


No Gaps: Molded End Caps Seal Clean and Dirty Sides

The molded end caps of Cat filters completely seal the clean side from the dirty side, eliminating gaps and keeping contaminants in their designated areas. Some other brands use metal end caps glued on top of filter pleats, creating gaps that allow contaminants to re-enter from the clean side.


Better Testing for Superior Results


Cat filters undergo rigorous testing, not just in the traditional manner, but in a way that aligns with Caterpillar standards. These tests have demonstrated that Cat filters:

  • Help Cat fuel injectors last 45% longer than when using a competitive filter.
  • Can decrease the cost per hour by up to 80%.
  • Unmatched Performance in Real-world Conditions

Using actual machine components, including the cylinder head, injectors, pump, and other Cat fuel system components, Cat filters were subjected to extensive testing. This involved circulating fuel through a C9 engine fuel system test rig and running the rig at high idle speeds.


The results were clear: Cat filters outperformed the competition. In fact, in a test involving five filters, only the Cat filter reached the end before fuel injector failure. Competitive filters exhibited a leakage rate three times that of new, significant erosion and leak paths, and high levels of contaminants passing through.


Choose Cat filters for a superior performance that goes beyond industry standards. Make a wise investment that not only protects your machine but also contributes to substantial savings for your operation. With Cat filters, expect excellence in every filtration, ensuring a smoother and more efficient operation of your Cat equipment.

Not using Cat® filters could haunt you 

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