The Cat Global Operator Challenge is on!

By Toromont Cat
July 29, 2022
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Operator Challenge - Toromont Cat

Toromont Cat launched its first local championship of the Cat Global Operator Challenge in Moncton, New Brunswick, on June 22 and 23. With more than 25 participants, the event was a huge success! Ryan Totton from Gulf Operators won the Moncton championship with the best time of 17:37 minutes.
Only three local champions will advance to the regional level – where they will compete for a spot in the International Championship in Las Vegas in March 2023.

Ryan Totton



Three challenges to prove themselves

To test their skills, operators must complete the following three challenges:

yellow-arrowThe Big Dig, which involves digging a trench using Cat Grade 2D technology

Cat 323
yellow-arrowLoad and Go, where the operator has to reach payloads with the fewest passes, using Cat Payload technologyCat 950
yellow-arrowBackhoe or Bust, a speed event that requires moving and placing objects depending on the targets to reachToromont-348

As Dexter Construction foreman Joey Longley says, the Global Operator Challenge is a contest that lets operators show off their skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere: “I wish I could do this every weekend! I’ve been mainly using an excavator for 20 years. The most difficult challenge is using a backhoe. The loader has been the easiest for me.” It’s a fun activity but serious enough to promote safety and introduce new technologies that make a difference in the operators’ work. “The experience was great. I learned new things with the newer equipment and some of the additions, such as 2D grading and grade assist,” notes Greg Gill of Gill’s Construction Ltd. in St. John’s, Newfoundland.


A chance to meet with Toromont Cat experts

Brian Davis, Construction Solutions Manager at Toromont Cat, is on hand at each local event with his application and technology specialists to explain equipment functionality to the operators at the event. It’s an opportunity for Toromont Cat to demonstrate and showcase the industry’s most innovative and efficient Cat equipment.

Toromont Cat experts

From left to right: Cristian Bucea, Zackery Weitzman, Brian Davis, Patrice Blier and Matt Lang


Try your luck!

Up for the challenge? There’s still time to register!


Here are the upcoming dates:

yellow-arrowMontreal Region, Quebec: August 24 and 25

yellow-arrowQuebec City, Quebec: August 31 and September 1

yellow-arrowCambridge, Ontario: September 7 and 8

yellow-arrowToronto East, Ontario: September 14 and 15

yellow-arrowWinnipeg, Manitoba: September 21 and 22


The ultimate event to determine the Global Champion will be held in Las Vegas in March 2023.


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