How to sell your equipment on consignment

By Toromont Cat
February 08, 2022
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What is Toromont Cat consignment program?

Toromont Cat Consignment is a quick and hassle-free way to sell your used heavy equipment at the price you have established. As explained in a previous blog post, this is a simpler and more profitable solution than auctioning your Cat or non-Cat tractors, backhoes, excavators, loaders, pavers, and heavy trucks.


Why sell on consignment?

There are many benefits to selling your used heavy equipment: you can get money fast, free up space in your yard or inventory, buy new and more efficient equipment, or prepare for your retirement.


Before you decide to list an equipment for sale, we recommend that you speak with a Toromont Cat sales representative to determine whether another option, such as trade-in or direct selling, is better suited to your needs.


“I think the consignment program is a great solution for customers. Sometimes, they simply don’t need the equipment at the moment but rather make space in their yard. And that’s where I say: Why don’t I help you sell the machines? The consignment option allows us to help our customers do just that.”

-        Ward Mitchell, Key Accounts Sales Representative] at Toromont Cat.


Selling on consignment in 3 simple steps:

“The process is simple and short for the customer. He decides to do consignment, sets the price and the reps go out to sell his machine.”

-        Paul Gavin, Used Equipment Manager ECAN


1. Set your price 

You’re ready to sell, but you’d like to know how much your equipment is worth? Our experts know the market and can help you set a price, which is why Toromont Cat offers a free inspection and evaluation of your equipment. You can set a fair price and your buyer can then make an informed decision.


2. Entrust your machine to us

Once you have set the price and signed the consignment agreement, all you need to do is bring us your machine. Our team will handle the rest!


“Customers like dealing with dealerships as it’s easy, simple and no risk. The trust in the dealership plays also a big part in the decision. And it goes the same way for the person looking to buy the equipment on consignment, they buy it from Toromont Cat. They trust us and come to us for our service, our expertise and our support.”

-        Ward Mitchell, Key Accounts Sales Representative] at Toromont Cat.


3. Toromont Cat sells for you

We will take pictures of your machine and register it in our inventory the very day we receive it. This information will then be shared through Toromont Cat’s international sales network and its Toromont Equip website, which boasts more than 40,000 visitors per month. Our sales representatives will handle all aspects of the selling process: finding interested buyers, answering questions, organizing visits… all of it! Once a buyer has been found, the offer will be validated with the customer and the consignment sale will be finalized!


“The process can be summarized in 3 words : Quick, clean, and profitable. There is no risk for the customers.”

-        Ward Mitchell, Key Accounts Sales Representative at Toromont Cat.



In short, our Toromont Cat experts will take care of the sale of your used heavy equipment at the price you want so that you can focus on what matters most: managing your jobsite and projects.


Ready to sell?

Sell on consignment HERE


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