Holiday Maintenance Tips for your Machine

By Toromont Cat
December 12, 2023
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Toromont  Maintenance Tips

Being proactive in your heavy equipment maintenance schedule helps prevent expensive downtime. Regular maintenance helps predict when failure is likely to occur, allowing you to find a solution to problems before they happen. As we approach the holiday season, have you considered giving your machines a break? Discover how to properly care for them during their inactive periods!

Preventive maintenance

can reduce machinery repair bills

by 25%.


1. Embrace a Proactive Approach to Machinery Maintenance

Ensuring optimal performance from your heavy machinery involves more than just relying on its power. A proactive approach is essential, making maintenance a continuous part of your routine. Regular upkeep is crucial to minimizing downtime caused by faulty parts or complete machine failures.


2. Implementing a Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program

Preventive maintenance is the key to anticipating and addressing potential issues before they escalate. By continuously taking corrective actions, such as systematic inspections and parts replacements, you can enhance the longevity of your heavy machinery and reduce unscheduled downtime.


play-arrow The Benefits of PM Include:

  • Improved reliability of systems and equipment
  • Reduced unforeseen breakdowns and failures
  • Lesser parts replacement
  • Extended equipment life
  • Higher resale value
  • Better inventory management
  • PM Protocols for Every Stage

A comprehensive preventive maintenance program covers every stage of the machine lifecycle, from its purchase to the end of its operational life. This can encompass historical repair data, inspection programs, maintenance and repair agreements, site inspections, parts rebuilds, training videos, safety protocols, specialized repairs, and failure analyses.


3. Identifying Causes of Machine Breakdown

A robust PM program involves identifying potential causes of equipment breakdown, which can be categorized into three types:


Sudden Failure: Occurs without warning, requiring repairs or part replacements.

Intermittent Failure: Happens sporadically, making it more challenging to identify the cause.

Gradual Failure: Can be prevented with regular inspections and maintenance.


play-arrow Types of Failures:


Thermally-Induced: Caused by extreme temperatures.

Mechanically-Induced: Traced easily and preventable through timely maintenance.

Erratic: Difficult to anticipate, but diagnostic tools can minimize the chances of such failures.


4. Know Your Machinery Inside Out

A solid preventive maintenance program starts with a deep understanding of your machinery. Read manuals and guides provided with your equipment, and visit the manufacturer's website for model-specific tips and instructions. This knowledge is the foundation for a successful maintenance strategy that keeps your heavy machinery running smoothly.


5. Train your employes in effective machinery operation

Well-trained machinery operators enhance productivity, reduce wear on equipment, and contribute to a safer work environment. Their knowledge ensures greater respect and care for machinery, translating into cost savings on repairs and replacements.


  • Incorporating Operator Training into Preventive Maintenance
  • Utilizing checklists for operators ensures essential but often overlooked maintenance steps are consistently completed.
  • Simplified Training for Long-Term Benefits
  • Early Detection and Reporting


Trained operators serve as frontline reporters, identifying damage or early warning signs of potential failures. Their ability to recognize indicators and promptly communicate them provides exceptional insurance against minor issues escalating into significant and costly problems.


6. Adhere to factory-recommended maintenance intervals

Adhering to factory-recommended maintenance intervals is a baseline standard, designed for normal operating conditions. However, these intervals may need adjustments based on local climate, site-specific environmental factors, and the operator load on the machine.


Strictly following these maintenance intervals and maintaining accurate records is crucial not only for the efficient operation of your machinery but also to safeguard your warranty.


Failure to adhere to factory specifications and recommendations for maintenance may result in warranty voidance. Cat's comprehensive warranty covers all equipment components, ensuring validity when the machinery is operated and maintained according to its designed purpose and recommended intervals.


7. Attention to fluid levels is critical for machinery maintenance

Fluid analysis is often overlooked but plays a crucial role in machinery health. Examining engine oil, fuel, coolant, and hydraulic fluid provides insights into your machine's condition, maintenance effectiveness, and potential future failures.


play-arrow Benefits of Fluid Analysis:

  • Early problem detection, preventing major failures.
  • Efficient scheduling of downtime to align with your workload.
  • Development of a comprehensive service history for each machine.
  • Enhanced resale or trade-in value.
  • For optimal protection, conduct oil sampling for major lubricated systems (engine, transmission, hydraulic system, and final drives) and coolant sampling for cooling systems. Identifying fluid issues early helps avoid unplanned shutdowns and catastrophic failures.


Key elements of fleet monitoring during the holidays: 

  • Fluid Analysis describes the health of your machine
  • Inspect your machine from the ground up, inside out
  • Keep detailed service records of your machine
  • Site condition assessment from long-term equipment performance and maintenance history to work environments and seasonal weather conditions


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