Every Day is Earth Day

Earth Day

Creating a more sustainable future

We take sustainability seriously, and we’re committed to helping our customers make better choices for the planet and meet their carbon footprint/emission target.

To do our part in making the planet a better place for everyone, we’re focusing on three pillars:


1 - Reducing our operational footprint

That means making conscious choices about how we choose, use, and dispose of water, waste and other hazardous material. It also includes a sensible management of our service fleet and facilities, with an emphasis on using intelligent software to optimize dispatch, auxiliary power units on service trucks.

We’re also strengthening our waste reduction program and energy optimization at all of our installations. 


We worked with Tree Canada to plan over 400 trees last year.


2 - Offering sustainable products and services

We believe our greatest contribution to a sustainable world comes with the  provision of specialized equipment and product support that helps customers achieve their productivity, efficiency, safety with an eye towards lower carbon and net-zero goals. 

Our main supplier, Caterpillar, is always improving their products to make more energy-efficient machines, battery electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, hydrogen and renewable gas generators, combined heat and power systems, solar panels and energy storage solutions.


The very first Caterpillar autonomous mining trucks were delivered in our territory.


Our product support has also changed a lot in the past few years to become more sustainable. For example, the introduction of remote monitoring on over 75% of the equipment we sell allows us to have a more preventative approach to maintenance, reducing both the cost of ownership and carbon footprint for our customers and for us.

3 - Focusing on the circular economy

"The circular economy retains and recovers as much value as possible from resources by reusing, repairing, refurbishing, remanufacturing, repurposing, or recycling products and materials."

- The Government of Canada


Used equipment and components can be rebuilt, repaired and exchanged multiple times. Similarly, rental equipment can be reused repeatedly. 

By participating in the circular economy, we can reduce landfill waste and the energy expended in original manufacturing, while addressing customers’ business needs and sustainability goals.

Among our key initiatives last year: Toromont Equip e-commerce platform offers a wide range of used equipment and used and restored parts.

We’re also expanding our remanufacturing capabilities with the construction of a 137.000 square foot facility in Bradford, Ontario, with built-in state-of-the-art contamination controls.

Finally, we’re increasing the capacity of our Machine Rebuild program to give machines a second life, keeping them in use for as long as possible. Most of our branches are capable of executing this program. 


In 2022, our Machine Rebuild Program increased by 43% in number of units compared to 2021.


Always Evolving

These are just a few of the initiatives, programs and ways we incorporate sustainability into our operations. 

To find out more visit Toromont Industries website: Sustainability - Toromont Industries Ltd.


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