Why should you buy genuine Cat® parts?

By Toromont Cat
June 10, 2024
2 minute read
Genuine Cat Parts

If you want your machine to have a long lifespan, run smoothly with low downtime, and perform to its potential, you should invest in genuine parts. 


Not only are they robustly constructed to stand up to the toughest applications, they are also rigorously tested by Caterpillar, who sees them integral to the equipment's performance. It’s for that reason that genuine Cat parts are designed to meet stringent quality, safety, and performance standards set by Caterpillar.


Using the right parts will help extend the life of your equipment, which is why it’s imperative to utilize high-quality components when repairing your machines, whether it be for your Cat machine or other brands.

Genuine Cat parts make all the difference for your equipment 


With vigorous testing under a variety of conditions, genuine Cat parts are made to stand up to whatever your equipment encounters. That durability is informed by a key Caterpillar philosophy: building machines that last longer.



Genuine Cat parts are perfectly matched to Cat machines and their components. Buying genuine parts guarantees a perfect fit, which also extends to the machine's durability and dependability.


Cat parts have a 12-month warranty, which speaks to how much trust we have in them. Buying genuine Cat parts means buying the peace of mind that comes with knowing an industry-leader in quality has your back.



Cat parts are known for their quality and durability with fit-to-purpose equipment. Genuine Cat parts lower your machine’s total operating cost and ensure the machine's longevity.



When it comes to generic parts and part longevity, there’s no guarantee in terms of how long they’ll last in a machine. You get what you pay for – and that extends beyond the initial price point of the part. When compared to the Cat genuine part, with all of its benefits and guaranteed fit, the aftermarket part may look the same, it may fit, but it might not be engineered to the exacting specifications Caterpillar had when they developed the machine.



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