Toromont Connect, Toromont Cat’s new app.

By Toromont Cat
August 10, 2021
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A new tool to manage your equipment


Designed to become a real work tool, the Toromont Connect (TC) app supports users in managing their fleet and ensuring their equipment is in order.  “Ideally we want customers to make Toromont Connect the first app they open in the morning to plan a work day,”.  says Doug Wilson, VP Digital Services at Toromont Cat, responsible for development of the TC app.  “The more we can include up-to-date information on their operations and equipment, with easy access to our Customer Support Department, the more users will use the app,” the VP concludes.  By accessing, SIS or VisionLink directly via the app, the availability of solutions and additional data will also improve the user experience, because it will become an essential tool in their operation.


The TC app will allow processes to be triggered in several ways within Toromont’s teams, at the customers’ request. Here are a few examples:


  • Parts can be ordered directly via the app. Other functionalities will soon be added, allowing users to view the order history, place new orders or track their shipment.
  • The app will send a notification to the customer when CVA parts are ready for pickup.  It can also follow up when the CVA or preventive maintenance contract is about to end and offer the possibility of extending or upgrading the contract.
  • It will be possible to request a service appointment via the app.  The request will be routed to the appropriate service coordinator for follow-up.

In all cases, the app will be a practical and efficient way to contact our customers and offer them what they need at the right time,” Doug Wilson comments. The version of the TC app that will be deployed for the Product Support Sales Representatives will offer them the same user experience and the same visibility as their customers.


Key functionalities


At this time, the TC app concentrates on six fields that will be improved based on the users’ comments over time.



Allows easy access to the branches and Toromont’s services and viewing of its key contacts. This allows one-click connection by one click by phone, by email or even by chat.




The customer's entire fleet is available via the app.  Regardless of whether the equipment is connected, the app provides information on the equipment’s status: location, number of machine-hours, fuel consumption, etc. Eventually, detailed notifications on the equipment's status will be added. This will allow the users to take immediate corrective or preventive actions to guarantee uninterrupted operations.




Thanks to a direct link to PCC from each equipment screen, the app allows customers to look up and order parts for any equipment in their fleet, without having to input the serial number or ID information.  Later in the year, self-service repair options will be added. This will allow customers to understand better how to do repairs autonomously.




The history of all service orders can be viewed effective immediately, and the possibility of requesting a service directly from the app will be available soon.



Contracts / Subscriptions

The app will provide customers with an instant snapshot of the start and end dates of their Toromont contracts, regardless of whether they are ProductLink subscriptions or CVA contracts. They may request an automatic renewal for contracts that are about to expire or ask for additional contracts.




The app has a built-in messaging engine, allowing Toromont and its customers very efficient direct communication with each other.


One essential factor for the success of this new app is to offer a good balance between providing useful information for the customers so they can make business decisions and a practical way to connect to Toromont at any time, anywhere and from any device. In this regard, “if both partners are winners, it’s likely that Toromont Connect will be a success,” Doug Wilson concludes.


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